Viewing financial reports

  • On the navigation bar, click on the Reports tab.
  • You will be navigated to the reports explorer with all of the reports to choose from.

P&L, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance

  • Click Run Report to open the reports.
  • Adjust the filters and click Run Report to apply them to the report. You can select Drafted entries or Posted entries, or both.
  • You can using the links on the right side to navigate quickly to the section you want to view.
  • From the Balance Sheet, you can access the Profit & Loss by clicking on the net profit.
  • Click on an account to view its details.
  • Click on a journal entry to view the transaction details

Statement of Account, Aged Receivable and Aged Payable

  • Click Run Report to open the reports.
  • Select an account and click Run Report to view the corresponding report of the account.
  • To view a specific Journal Entry, click on specific Document # to drill down to the specific entry.

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