Eleven vs Excel: no more falling back on spreadsheets

To make a change, you need a tool tailored for your practice. Eleven lets you automate accounting for every client without worrying about feature limits or high subscription fees.

Eleven general ledger comparison to spreadsheets

Built for the best employee and client experience

Compared to Excel, Eleven is designed for accounting, not fighting formula errors. Automate manual work and empower your team to do more value-added tasks like advisory or custom reporting.

Collaboration between an accountant and client

X100 times more reliable and scalable than Excel

Spreadsheets are too fragile to share and collaborate on. Eleven will never let you down: its enterprise-level General Ledger can process up to 10K without breaking a sweat.

General ledger allowing to handle unlimited transactions

Collaborative and transparent

All the transactions are broadcasted in real-time, so your client data is always updated and at hand. In case you still need to share reports, you can download them in a format that doesn’t need any further manipulations.

Entries updated in real time allowing to collaborate

Powerful features in one package

Document management, multi-currency accounting, and BI tools with custom reporting are just some of Eleven’s top-notch features. Imagine the level of complexity of an Excel sheet able to handle that!

A list of features that are hard to design in Excel

Account-all-you-want at an affordable price

Pay per accountant, not per entity. The number of entities per accountant is unlimited, so you can automate accounting even for clients with year-end reporting or low transaction volumes.

Eleven pay per accountant pricing with unlimited entities

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