Integrated document management for smooth auditing and verification

Keep all company and supporting documents accurate and at hand. Eleven allows you to attach files to Journal Entries and filter your General Ledger by document type.

Built in document management to take care of supporting documents

Get your books ready for auditing in one click

Keep supporting documents attached to corresponding Journal entries, so you won’t need to prepare hard copies or provide your auditor with archives.

Attaching supporting documents to journal entries

Preview and verify supporting documents

Filter attached documents by type and preview their .pdf versions next to corresponding entries. You can easily download files to your computer once needed.

 Filtering and previewing supporting documents

Monitor entries for missing supporting documents

Filter General Ledger and Journal entries by attachment, easily detect the ones without supporting documents to request them on time.

Detecting entries with missing supporting documents

Never lose any important company document

Keep incorporation and other cross-fiscal-year documents at hand in a separate tab. Eleven will protect these documents from getting deleted by mistake.

Handling cross-fiscal year company documents with Eleven

Everything’s in its right place

Document management is integrated into the Eleven app and is available for everyone, so you don’t need to link any external apps or pay extra fees.

Integrated document managed with no extra fees or integrations

Powered by the most innovative ECM

Eleven is powered by Dokmee, an award-winning content management provider, and will evolve in line with the latest tech for data capture and recognition.

Partnership with Dokmee ECM provider

See what Eleven can do for you

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