Streamline your clients' cash flow with AI-powered automated AR & AP

Keep your clients' businesses healthy by staying on top of their payables and receivables. Eleven's AI-powered automated workflows and data recognition will help you manage cash flow without hassle.

automated AR AP gif

Enjoy automatic bill and invoice recognition

Empowered by cutting-edge AI technology, Eleven swiftly processes uploaded PDFs or images, extracts relevant data, and converts them into invoices —eliminating manual entry and template dependence.

Invoice recognition with automatic entry generation

Create and view generated Journal Entries at one go

Journal Entries are generated as soon as documents are saved, allowing accountants to preview the Journal entries and make changes if needed before the transactions are posted.

Create and view generated Journal Entries at one go

Advanced payment capabilities

Make partial payments and distribute payments across multiple invoices effortlessly, ensuring flexibility and convenience in managing your financial transactions.

Advanced payment capabilities

Apply pre-payment and credit memo

Apply pre-payments and credit memos with our ARAP, providing  flexibility in managing transactions by deducting credits or advancing  payments before invoice settlement.

Apply pre-payment and credit memo

Make payments in alternate currencies

Make payments in alternate currencies, providing flexibility for international transactions and ensuring seamless financial operations.

Make payments in alternate currencies

AR: Minimize losses from non-paying customers

Create and send invoices, track and process payments. Eleven will help your clients' businesses receive payments accurately and on time.

Payment reminders in Accounts Receivable workflow

AP: Build lasting relationships with suppliers

Easily track bills: paid, due-soon, and overdue. Cross-reference your invoice information to purchase orders and delivery receipts, keeping outgoing payments transparent and easy to review.

Payment reminders in Accounts Payable workflow

Set Recurring Payment and Invoices

Coming soon

Recurring payment and invoices can be set up and created automatically to reduce manual and repetitive tasks.

Scheduling invoices and recurring payments

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