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Accounting AI: Turn your to-dos into ta-das

Our vision is for you to experience a new way of working in Eleven. We’re currently introducing Luca-AI, an innovative AI tailored to the world of accounting. Built into Eleven, it will gradually be included in all key processes.

Luca-AI: Turn your to-dos into ta-dasLuca-AI: Turn your to-dos into ta-das

Move you closer to
Continuous accounting

With Luca-AI, you can greatly simplify your closing process and will save a great deal of time.

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Luca-AI automates the extraction and data entry.
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Luca-AI helps you to code the data automatically and will learn from your past entries.
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Luca-AI helps you to use your data to prepare management reports

Be your AI accounting co-pilot

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Ask Luca-AI a question. You can ask it to explain how something works, you can ask for information. And in a heartbeat, Luca-AI has an answer for you.
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Use Luca-AI to prepare accounting tasks on your behalf. You just need to review and validate
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Teach Luca-AI your processes. Luca-AI automatically completes common workflows, so you have time to focus on less data entry and more advisory tasks.
Service & Features

A new realm of possibility

Eleven’s suite of AI-powered tools opens up a realm of possibility for your business. From intelligently automating your AR/AP encoding, Preparing your bank reconciliation, managing closing process, Eleven turns the latest advancements in machine learning and large language models into productivity gains for your business.


Trusted AI Powering Accountant Excellence

We prioritize fairness, reliability, and transparency in our AI solutions, with unwavering commitment to data privacy, security, and accountability. Our trustworthy systems deliver exceptional service without bias to accounting firms. We empower accountants with ethical AI technologies driving efficiency and accuracy.

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At the heart of our AI systems is a commitment to fairness. We believe everyone should be treated without bias. Our goal is to make sure our AI provides exceptional service to all users, no matter who they are.

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We build AI systems that work as intended and are resistant to misuse. With stringent quality control measures, we strive to uphold the integrity and dependability of our AI technologies.

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Privacy & Security

We take data privacy seriously and follow strict protocols to protect your information. Our AI systems are built with robust safeguards and comply with all the necessary data governance practices.

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We strongly believe in transparency when it comes to our AI systems. We build trustworthy AI products that are easy to understand and promote data transparency.

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We aim to always do the right thing. We hold ourselves accountable for our AI systems’ impact and regularly ensure our technology aligns with our values. We're in this for the long haul. We’re here to do right by you.

Meet the team

The team behind the magic

Our products are built by an enthusiastic and dedicated team of established AI experts driving innovation and excellence across our entire suite of solutions. Combining technological vision with a commitment to the interests and needs of the accounting industry, our team delivers on the promise of AI by responsibly advancing and evolving our products to ensure our customers’ success.

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