Go-to multi-currency software for accounting professionals

Transact and report in more than 170 currencies with up-to-date exchange rates. With Eleven’s multi-currency accounting software, you are not tied to a single currency per Journal entry and can choose the one you need at the line level.

Multi currency accounting software interface

When international transactions are a no-brainer

Eleven's multi-currency accounting software allows accounting in multiple currencies without complex entries or falling back on Excel.

Multi-currencies in every single Journal entry

With our multi-currency accounting software, you won't need complex entries to manage transfers between funds or bank accounts. Eleven’s General Ledger simplifies your transactions, allowing you to choose currencies in every Journal entry line. This way all your balances and values are always properly calculated and maintained.

Choosing currencies at the line level of a journal entry

Multiple exchange rates options, including automatic FX rates

In each Journal entry line, you can enter an FX rate manually by applying pre-defined rates or using our multi-currency accounting software to get rates automatically. You can overwrite calculated base amounts at any time, if needed.

Exchange rate options for multiple currencies

Extended support for monetary and non-monetary accounts

You can define whether foreign currency Balance Sheet accounts are monetary or non-monetary for investments, accruals, deposits, advances, etc. Then, Eleven’s multi-currency accounting solution will reevaluate monetary gains and losses automatically.

Support for monetary and non-monetary accounts

Smooth gains and losses calculation and reporting

Eleven’s multi-currency accounting solution calculates realised & unrealised gains and losses automatically. It also generates a proper supporting entry with the full details of the calculations for each Journal entry line for consistent financial reporting.

Gain and loss entry generation

Flexible reporting and data visualisation

With Eleven's multi-currency accounting software, you won't spend a second on verifying FX amounts in financial statements. All statutory reports include transactions in FX, recorded in specific columns and rows. You can analyse or hide them to display base amounts only.

Report with data in base and functional currency

More about Eleven’s multi-currency accounting software

See what Eleven can do for you

Accounting professionals in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the UAE are raving about our multi-currency accounting solution, and not without reason: Eleven’s software is designed to handle 170+ currencies on the go. Just choose the currency you need at the line level in every Journal entry. Account in two, three, or 10 currencies – our General Ledger will make transactions easy and process them without breaking a sweat. Book a demo to see Eleven in action!