Best-in-сlass accounting software for accounting firms

Eleven is powerful accounting software for small and medium-sized CPA firms, accountants, and accounting firms worldwide.

Our cloud-based app, a leading solution in accounting software for accounting firms, allows you to streamline your practice for every client, big or small, without worrying about subscription costs or paywalled features.

User friendly accounting software for accountants

Cloud accounting software designed in collaboration with accounting firms

Recognised as a top-tier software for accounting firms by Capterra, Eleven combines the best of both worlds: the accessibility and collaborative nature of a cloud app, and the scalability and licensing of desktop software.

Increase your team's capacity

With Eleven's accounting software for CPA firms, you can raise productivity by up to 70% via automated workflows that cover the most tedious tasks, from data entry and document management to reporting and advisory.

Our software for accounting firms follows the logic of professional accountants, making navigation and complex processes like monthly close, easy and intuitive.

Enhancing automation with smooth document management

Scale together with your clients

Eleven's accounting software for accounting firms is designed with scalability at its core. Our General Ledger adopts a technology used in the banking industry and can process up to 20K transactions without added costs or performance issues.

Such scalability allows CPA firms to do the books for every growing client without worrying about pricing plans, feature or transaction limits.

Collaboration flow between accountants, managers, and auditors

Plan, grow, and secure your profit margins

Pay per accountant and account all you want: the number of entities per accountant is unlimited. Finally, accounting firms worldwide can automate accounting even for clients with low transaction volumes or year-end reporting.

Compared to popular cloud apps for SMEs, you can save up to 90% on software costs. There are fixed-price contracts to maintain and forecast your margins for the years to come.

Handling several client entities in one app

Collaborate with no hassle

Eleven's accounting software for accountants broadcasts all the entries in real-time. General Ledger and dashboards are automatically updated with the latest transactions, ensuring smooth collaboration and easy account monitoring in your CPA firm.

Clients can use the document exchange and reporting modules and get view-only access to the accounting part of the app. 

Creating custom reports with Eleven BI

Save time switching between accounts

Thanks to our software’s multi-company interface, you can handle most of your accounts under one roof, easily switching between them.

With the ability to view multiple companies and fiscal years in two tabs, data verification becomes straightforward, making our software a go-to solution for busy accountants.

Processing unlimited number of transactions with software for cpa firms

Boost advisory with BI and custom reporting

With Eleven's accounting software for CPA firms, accountants can become their client's trusted advisors by showcasing financials in a way that drives clarity and action, particularly in areas of payments and financial flows.

Visualise data thanks to ready-to-use widgets, and generate custom dashboards and reports, offering invaluable insights, all in real-time. The BI module is powered by ChatGPT, offering to run instant data queries and calculations.

Securing profit margins with accounting software for cpa firms

Switching to new accounting software is a big step to take

That's why we facilitate this shift at every step, with proactive support and data migration services.

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White-glove migration services

We'll refine and migrate your accounting data from any software, Excel or PDF on set-up, for free. All you'll need to do is provide us with exports from your former software.

Icon with a headset showing ongoing support

Thorough onboarding and support

We will conduct as many training sessions as needed to set up and run your accounting operations. Our team is available in the United States, Singapore, EU, and UAE time zones.

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Product releases based on your requests

Compared to other popular apps for SMEs, our software development is focused on accounting and CPA firms' needs. We release new features based on your requests every week.

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Discover how Eleven can streamline your accounting practice by booking a personal live demo. Uncover key functionalities tailored to accounting firms, including our multiple company interface, BI tools, multiple currencies accounting, document management, and more. You’ll also get a firsthand look at our hassle-free migration process. Book a demo today and take the first step towards scaling your practice and empowering your team!