Become your clients' best advisor with custom reporting and BI

With Eleven, you'll leverage the power of Metabase — a powerful BI tool that aggregates your clients' accounting data and transforms it into easy-to-use tables and graphs.

Eleven's dashboard with client revenue indicators

Provide top-notch management reports

Showcase accounting data in the most compelling way to drive clarity and action. Eleven lets you create reports from scratch or customize P&L and other management reports.

Custom management report overview

Share actionable insights in real-time

Create easy-to-explore, interactive dashboards and share them with clients via a quick link. Eleven will broadcast data in real-time and keep dashboards up to date whenever you check.

Cash balance custom report with Eleven accounting software

Make data easy for both accountants and clients

The BI will aggregate and clean up data from various sources and present it in a familiar spreadsheet-like interface with sorting, filtering, and summarizing controls.

Custom reports creation interface

Deliver advisory right on time

Set up subscriptions, and Eleven will send reports straight to your client's inbox. Create alerts to get notified about critical events like a big expense or a cash flow issue.

Subscriptions and critical alerts

Provide consolidated reports and benchmarking

Effortlessly consolidate financial results for multiple businesses, and create consolidated reports and dashboards. Visually compare and rank companies within a group.

Example of a consolidated report

Create transparency across your practice

Create dashboards for every accountant in your team to monitor and review books in a breeze. Eleven BI will aggregate data even if it's distributed across several apps.

Practice management reports interface

Elevate your accounting practice with Eleven

Generate precise and customized reports, including basic accounting reports, accounts payable reports, and accounts receivable summaries. Adhering to the highest accounting standards, Eleven provides real-time insights, user-friendly data management, and automated delivery, streamlining practices and enhancing team transparency.

Elevate your advisory role with Eleven, where comprehensive reporting meets the highest standards of accuracy and clarity. Book a demo today to experience the transformation in generating accounting reports

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