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Eleven is accessible on any PC or Mac running Chrome internet browser with internet connectivity and requires no extra software to run.

⚠️ We currently only support Chrome internet browser

Eleven application suite directory

    The Accounting suite is made up of a main application and an additional two applications.This is some text inside of a div block.
    Eleven app dashboard with the following apps: Business Management (disabled), Client Accounting Services, Administrative Management, Dashboards, File Conversion Tool and Business Intelligence

    Bookkeeping & Accounting

     Client accounting services app tile
    Bookkeeping & Accounting allow accountants and Administrator to record and report the financial performance of their clients.This is some text inside of a div block.
    👩🏻 Roles that can access: Administrator and the accountant

    Administrative Management

    Administrative management  app tile
    Administrative Management allows the Administrator(s) of the accounting practice to create companies, invite collaborators and assign collaborators to companies.
    👩🏻 Roles that can access: Only administrator role.


    Dashboards app tile
    The Business Intelligence dashboards automatically updated key performance dashboards that provide a quick overview of the financial performance of your client companies.
    👩🏻 Roles that can access : Administrator , accountant and invoicer

    Tools to Convert Migration Files

    File conversion tool app tile
    Tools is a suite of data convertors that transform CSV (xls) formats into CSV import templates. User can use it to:
    • Convert the data from their other accounting software data into Eleven.
    • Transform quick data entry templates (bank exports, third party platform data).
    👩🏻 Roles that can access : Tools is accessible trough a specific login so users would have to request access to

    Custom Dashboards and Reports

    Metabase app tile
    Metabase is a powerful BI tool that aggregates your clients' accounting data and transforms it into easy-to-use tables and graphs.
    🔒 Login: We automatically created your username in Metabase but you will have to press the I seem to have forgotten my password link in the login screen to create your own password.

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