Generating an unrealised gain/loss entry

  • Create a New Journal Entry then under the Document type, select Unrealised Gain/Loss.
  • Fill up the necessary fields and click Save & Add Line.
  • You can automatically generate the Unrealised Gain/Loss calculations with either only posted entries or both drafted and posted entries.
  • Click on Generate with posted entries or Generate with posted and drafted entries.

    - To create an unrealised gain/loss entry, make sure you do not already have an active unrealised gain/loss entry. If there is a posted unrealised gain/loss entry,
    reverse the entry to create a new one. If there is a posted unrealised gain/loss entry, delete or reverse the entry.
    - Also make sure there is/are journal entry(ies) with FX transaction(s) and the
    currencies settings are completed.

Generating a realised gain/loss entry by reconciling AR/AP lines in FX

  • From the General Ledger under a Vendor/Customer Account, select the journal entry lines with foreign currency to reconcile.
  • Under Actions, click on Reconcile AR/AP.
  • There will be a prompt to inform that a Unrealised Gain/Loss entry will be generated to balance the journal entry.
  • Click on Generate Entry.

Reversing an unrealised gain/loss entry

  • Under the Actions menu, click on Reverse.
  • Select if the reversal entry is based on the original entry’s date or today’s date.
  • Click on Generate Reversal Entry.

Generating carry forward

  • Go to Manage my companies at the top right corner..
  • Click on the ellipses of the Fiscal year you want to generate the carry forward, and from the menu select Carry Forward.
  • Select the account the carry forward should be generated with and click on Create Entry.

    Note: Carry Forward entry will be automatically generated again and updated when the previous FY is closed.

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