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August 31, 2023 5:30 AM
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Eleven Is Among Tekpon's Best Accounting Software Picks

Tekpon, the online marketplace for SaaS, featured Eleven as one of its top 10 Accounting Software choices based on its features, user experience, and performance.

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With a score of 9.1/10, Tekpon describes Eleven as cloud-based accounting software designed for accounting firms scalability. Tekpon's review team highlights that Eleven leverages the advantages of both cloud and desktop software to facilitate accounting businesses in digitizing their practices at scale.

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01 | Becoming a top choice for accounting firms

Eleven is the only specialized accounting software able to join the best accounting software solutions on Tekpon. Noe Saglio, CEO and founder of Eleven: 

«Working closely with international accounting firms like Mazars, we understand their challenge of leveraging technology while still staying profitable. That's why Eleven has a unique set of features (f.ex. a multi-company interface) and an alternative pricing model that would allow professional accountants and firms to streamline accounting for every client.»

Earlier, Eleven software for accounting firms has been recognized as a category leader by GetApp and The Best Value and The Best Ease of Use accounting software by Capterra.

02 | What makes Eleven special

Tekpon mentions one of the core Eleven's features: General Ledger that can easily process 10, 100, 10 000 transactions, real-time. To achieve this kind of scalability, Eleven adopted technology and product architecture used in the Banking industry. Transactions are unlimited, allowing accounting practices to grow together with their clients. 

Other highlighted features: 

  • Multi-currency support to transact and report in 170+ currencies;
  • Automated bookkeeping allowing you to save time on data entry and reconciliations;
  • Multi-company interface to save time on switching between accounts;
  • Document management to keep supporting docs next to corresponding entries
  • Custom reporting to provide advisory services and extra value to clients.

When it comes to pricing, an accounting firm can opt for a classic per-entity tier or choose a per-accountant license with unlimited entities. The latter allows streamline accounting for yearly clients or companies with low transaction volume.

Switching software is a big step to take

…that's why Eleven provides free data migration services and ongoing support to take you off the ground as smoothly as possible.

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Eleven already helps small and medium-sized accounting and corporate service firms in Asia and the UAE. With the major sales tax engine release, it will be available for the US market already by the end of 2023. Book a free demo to learn more!

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