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What Is Cloud-Based Automation & Its Benefits for Your Firm

Boost your team efficiency, capacity, and productivity while reducing costs with cloud based automation. Find out how our cloud accounting software can help.

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Cloud based automation is the process of using cloud computing to automate tasks and processes. This can include anything from simple tasks like managing cloud based software to more complex processes like cloud data backup and recovery.

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01 | Cloud-based automation overview

Cloud automation can save businesses time and money by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up employees to focus on more strategic work. In addition, cloud based automation can improve the accuracy of tasks by eliminating human error. As businesses increasingly move to the cloud, cloud based automation will gain traction as an essential tool for maximising efficiency and reducing costs.

Let’s take a closer look at cloud based automation and cloud software, and its benefits and uses for businesses like accounting firms.

02 | Benefits of cloud automation for accounting firms

When it comes to reducing the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, cloud based automation is the way to go. Numerous studies have shown that automation can save professionals hours each week. Through the process of automating cloud based tasks, such as deployments, cloud resource provisioning, cloud monitoring and cloud management, cloud automation can help accounting firms improve their agility and efficiency. Additionally, cloud automation can help organisations to reduce their costs by avoiding the need to manually provision and manage cloud resources. 

There are a number of other benefits that can be achieved by automating cloud based tasks aside from maximising the use of resources to save time and money. Businesses should consider automating in order to keep up and adapt fast in an ever-changing landscape. Resources should be able to scale up or down to meet demands, for example, when the infrastructure needs change. Cloud automation gives businesses the dynamic scalability to remain competitive.

A cloud automation framework can simplify processes to reduce the complexities of operational deployments, and speed up these deployments. By leveraging cloud automation, unused resources can be liberated and a shift of focus can be introduced to optimise utilisation of critical resources.

Ability to be there for your client 24/7 with access to full accounting data and reports is one of the biggest advantages of cloud accounting.

03 | Cloud automation for accounting professionals

Cloud has a crucial role to play in modern day business. For accounting firms, this means being able to focus on more important tasks, such as preparing tax returns and providing financial advice. Cloud based automation makes it possible for accounting businesses of all sizes to take advantage of these benefits. By automating simple tasks such as invoicing and bookkeeping, businesses can free up time and manpower to focus on more strategic goals. 

A cloud based accounting software allows users to work from anywhere at any time, while the cloud automation process inherently speeds up routine tasks with improved accuracy to cover more ground than ever before. Cloud software and automation also enables collaborative accounting, and provides more data security.

04 | Reliable cloud accounting and cloud automation solutions

To take the stress off adapting to cloud based accounting software and cloud automation, look for an innovative and reliable partner. Eleven provides accounting firms with a fully-fledged automated and advisory suite that allows them to gain a competitive edge through streamlining and automating their practice and providing more value-added services that are crucial for their clients. 

Headquartered in Singapore, Eleven’s cloud software and automation solutions are designed with accounting firms in mind. By pushing back on the limitations of typical accounting software, there are no transaction or functionality limits. All the tools are available for all users on one flat per-accountant fee. Our team can tailor a cost effective onboarding setup package to get you up and running and to get the most out of Eleven from day one. Speak to us and discover how your business can boost efficiency, and fuel team capacity and well-being. Don’t wait — start automating today!

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