We’re on a mission to liberate accountants with state of the art technology

Using AI and Big Data technology, we are revolutionising accounting. Eleven provides breakthrough features: real-time collaboration, daily tasks automation and new BI tools to create value for customers and turn accounting as a force for Good!

We understand accounting can be painful

Uncoordinated Documents

Accounting services involve significant amount of time on gathering, sorting, scanning, checking and filing of documents.

Manual Reporting

Manual effort spent on management reports and cash flow forecast can be inaccurate.

Time-consuming Auditing

Auditing can be inefficient with unorganized data and limited sampling.


Find pleasure in accounting with these features

Pre-filled Journal Entries

Pre-populated journal entries boosts your bookkeeping productivity.

Smart Reporting

Artificial Intelligence powered reporting, ask questions and learn from your data.

Collaborative Accounting

Chat about transactions with customers and colleagues. Information is always at your fingertips.


Manage unlimited number of organisations, companies. Create workflow and assign roles to users (full access, limited access, read access, no access).

Immutable Audit Trail

Every actions taken on the platform recorded, forever.

Multi-Currency / Advanced Journal Entries

Handle any currency in journal entry lines and support payment and receipt in any currency.

Smart Imports

Import data and information with different file formats.

Unrealised Gain & Loss

All reports and Ledgers will automatically calculate and report unrealised gain & loss for both monetary and non-monetary items

Analytical Accounting

Track expense and revenue accounts by dimensions and elements in order to derive profit and loss by any segment (category, product, geography, business unit, etc).

Less manual and repetitive task

Faster Data Entry

Automated data upload eliminates data entry error.

Faster Processing

Auto classification and reconciliation using artificial intelligence and integration.

Faster Verification & Auditing

Full traceability with immutable database and built-in collaborative tool.

Hello! We are Eleveners!

Eleven is an accounting dream come true

Our story started when three successful entrepreneurs joined forces with expert technologists and accounting firms to tackle the most pressing challenges in the world of Accounting.

From this ambition, Eleven was born. We are now working relentlessly to support accounting businesses to remove the repetitive, low-value tasks and liberate accountants to focus on helping their customers grow better and more successful businesses.

Technology expert and other great minds from our partners have contributed into making the Eleven platform what it is today.

Accounting Expertise

Samooha is a full ERP solution targeting medium and large distribution companies with customers throughout Asia. It has been operating since 2006.

Enterprise Content Management

Dokmee is a document management software company delivering scanning and ECM solutions to clients in 30 countries since 2006.

Technology Expertise

Founded in 2009, Palo IT has 9 offices around the world and 400 technology experts. PALO IT delivers innovative technology solutions to current and future market leaders.

Executive Team

Noe Saglio


Francois de Serres


Boris Roy


Cedric Mainguy


Internal Development Team

Ashvin Jayaram

Lead Developer

Melkar Muallem


Mathieu Roblin


Guillaume Teillet


Catherine Lam


External Technical / Development Team

Tom Marble


Christophe Grand

Senior Developer

Arne Brasseur

Senior Developer

We are revolutionising accounting

We believe in two trends that will change the world of accounting forever: Automation and Data Science. Combining both, we empower accountants with rock solid technology to grow their customer businesses with meaningful insights and powerful collaboration and business intelligence tools.

Welcome to the future of accounting. Try Eleven today.

Efficient accounting is a step away. Try it now.

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We are striving to make a positive impact

Eleven promotes businesses who are taking a transparent, regenerative, equitable and whole-systems approach and use accounting as a force for good.


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