Account Reconciliation

  1. While in the Accounting tab, select two or more journal entry lines that you’d like to match.
    Note: The journal entries selected must be under the same account and balanced.

  2. Under the Action dropdown on the top right corner of the UI, click Match.


Uploading a Bank Statement

  1. Go to Bank Statements under the Banking tab.

  2. Select a bank account from the drop down under the title.
    *Note: Make sure that at least 1 bank account is created for your company, if not, you can create that under chart of account.

  3. Upload a bank statement from your bank by clicking the Upload Bank Statement button.
    *Note: Currently, Eleven supports only a specific format of bank statement. Please find the csv template here:

  4. On this page, to the right, please click the Import CSV button

  5. Download the template and then complete your own CSV.

  6. Import the CSV using the same interface.

  7. Refer to the template if you receive error message.


Reconciling a Bank Statement Line

  1. In Bank Statements, go to the reconcile mode by clicking Reconcile.

  2. Select a bank statement line to be reconciled by checking the checkbox of the corresponding line on the left.
    *Note: You can select multiple bank account transactions to reconcile to multiple transaction lines.

  3. Select related bank account transactions recorded in Eleven on the right by checking the checkbox.

  4. Click Reconcile.


Viewing a Reconciliation

  1. In Bank Statements, identify a bank statement line you want to view.
    Note: The bank statement line should be reconciled. Reconciled lines are the ones with a check mark under the reconciled column.


  2. Click on the check mark of the line you want to check.

  3. You should be able to view the reconciled pair in a modal.


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