You can create journal entries by uploading receipts to eleven.

Upload Receipts

  1. Click New Magic Upload button, to the right in the documents section.
    *Note: Currently, we support JPEG and PDF. You can remove unwanted files by clicking the bin icon next to each document you selected.

  2. Select the files you would like to upload and click on open on your system.


Review Receipts

  • Save Document - saves all the info that is in the document.

  • Create Journal Entry - creates a journal entry from the form fields provided above.
    Note: Once a  Journal Entry is created, the associated document which you used to create the journal entry with is no longer editable.
    You can also create a manual journal entry. Learn how you can do it here: Creating a Journal Entry in Base Currency

  1. On the Documents main page, select the receipts you’d like to review.
    *Note: If Expense Account is not found, the chosen expense category is not assigned to it. Learn how you    can do it here: Assigning an Expense Category to an Expense Account

  2.  Complete the Magic Document review form, you can:


Create and Post Journal Entry

  1. After clicking the Create Journal Entry button, review the transaction lines created, feel free to edit them, then click Post.


Editing Journal Entry from Magic Document

  1. At the Documents main page, select the document which you would like to edit the created Journal Entry.
    *Note: You can only edit drafted journal entry (document which has drafted journal entry has a label in blue which says Drafted Journal Entry. You can also find it using the filter). Posted journal entry cannot be edited.

  2. Edit the information.

  3. Click Save Draft or Post.

You can also edit a journal entry in the General Ledger. Learn how to do it here: Editing Journal Entry from General Ledger


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